Senior Session in the Texas Fields

I feel like we are coming out of hibernation and welcoming spring with open arms. We wrapped up one of our busiest winters yet. As we grow our business and expand into Southern Utah we can’t help but feel this overwhelming gratitude for what we get to do. Growing a business is no small feat… and here we are watching our dreams soar. We are now at a place where we are letting go of certain aspects of our business. This is to allow the time and space to give our client’s our very all.

We don’t have children yet, but I imagine a similar feeling as you get ready to watch your kiddo graduate. The utmost care, support and love that parent’s pour into their children reminds me of our business. As I watched Melissa (Brooke’s mom) watch Brooke pose for her senior photos I saw so much pride for the daughter that she raised. Brooke is one of those girls that I think everyone feels like they could be besties with… Including me. She has such an entrepreneurial heart and I just know that she is going to do amazing things.

Here’s to learning from the past.

Soaking up the present.

Letting go for the future.

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