We are Alexander + Kennedy, the two creatives behind the lens. We are a film + photo couple team! For the past four years, we have gotten to capture some of life's greatest adventures ~ starting with the one where you say, "I DO."

We are here for the outdoor adventures, puppy cuddles and Michael Scott references. When we aren't traveling or capturing our amazing clients, you can find us cooking at home and playing with our labs!

We believe in love stories.

About Us

Human connection
Experience over production

Our Approach

Ya'll let’s get real, this is more than just a price tag. This is an investment that will last a lifetime. 
We pride ourselves in making sure our client’s vision comes to life on their wedding day. We want to give you a personal + professional experience that has you + yours as 
our #1 priority.

To be completely honest, we're not like all the rest.

We became interested in film when we first started dating. We were documenting all of our travels across the West Coast for our own memories.

Once we moved to Dallas, we saw the opportunity to take these talents into the wedding industry. You know what they say... everything is bigger in Texas... weddings are no exception. We began offering wedding videography and shortly after that created a film + photo duo package utilizing both of our strengths. 

From there, we truly watched our dreams SOAR. We get to work with dream clients, travel the country and capture true love. 

It truly doesn't get any better than that. 

Feeling that crisp air as the magical light of dawn sets in.

for the wild in love

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